June 22, 2012

"Blood Forest" movie review

                               Blood Forest

Year made  -  2009
Rated   -  Mature Audience

Approx. Time  -  92 min. 

                                           Story Line

The residents of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas are being slaughtered by a Bigfoot. After getting word of the killings a newspaper in the U.K. send a reporter to investigate.
Meanwhile an Indian Medicine man who is supposed to be the middleman between the people and the beast is being forced out of his home by a new housing development.
The town sheriff believes the Medicine man is responsible for all the carnage plaguing his town and wants him dead.
Another low budget Bigfoot film that doesn't deliver. The Medicine man who has 10 days to move out of his home does nothing but wanders around the town and nearby woods. There is no clue as to what he's doing besides getting some exercise. The reporter records some interviews with the locals and doesn't look too focused to the job on hand. If you're one that enjoys the look of a great Bigfoot suit (costume) you will be totally disappointed. You do not see him once during the movie except at the very end and you only see his very human looking face off a reflection of a camera lens. In the Bigfoot attack scenes you get to hear a loud heartbeat and what sounds like a out of shape man who just ran 2 miles and  is trying to catch his breath.

I give this movie a 1 out of a possible 5.

If you like watching a Bigfoot film were you never see a Bigfoot, Blobsquatch or even a faint shadow of a Bigfoot and you like heavy breathing, then this is a movie for you. Otherwise avoid this and spend your money on something else.

June 8, 2012

1313 "Bigfoot Island" movie review

                          Bigfoot Island

Year made  -  2011

Rated  -  Unrated directors cut

Approx. time  -   72 min. 

                              Story line

Part of the 1313 production series, this movie had two things going for it. First it was shot in beautiful Vancouver Island, B.C. in Canada
Second was the fact this movie was only 72 minutes long. Thank god.
This has to be the worst Bigfoot film ever made, bar none.
You have a group of boys, young men who get together at a cabin to get their batteries charged before starting their school year. A year earlier at their last get together, they try to take advantage of a girl but was stopped by one of the boys before it went to far. The girl seeking revenge calls for the spirit of the forest to avenge her. The whole movie is watching the boys mostly shirtless one by one walking, running, or kayaking to the cabin with Sasquatch following and then exacting revenge for the girl. A total of more than 54 minutes watching the boys make their way to the cabin and then being chased by Sasquatch before he put the hammer down on them. Another 4-5 minutes of the girl chanting, Oh great Forest Spirit avenge your maiden. That's about 60 minutes of a 72 minute movie. The Sasquatch was never on the Island, all his scenes were shot in Ca. and you can tell. A couple scenes were shot on a clear cut area on a logging road. The tree line was 100 feet or more away from the boys. Yet when Sasquatch caught up to them he would swing his arms like he was pounding them. He looked like he was in the middle of the forest when there wasn't a tree within 100 feet of them.Unless you like young Calvin Klein models you don't want to waste your time or money on this movie. I certainly would not recommend this movie to my worst enemy. I wouldn't even suggest putting it in any ones collection to just boost your collection count.

My overall rating on this movie is 0 out of 5
After watching this movie I threw it into the fire
I video taped it but can't get it uploaded
I'm sure you get the picture.

June 1, 2012

"Primal" movie review


Year made  -  2007

Rated  -  R

Approx. time  -  80 min.


Sasquatch gone wild. Low budget B-movie that has Sasquatch killing anyone he sees. The script was poorly written, the camera work was nauseating, and the special effects was horrific.
   You have people disappearing on the mountain and Wade the ranger knows why. His bosses don't want word getting out so Wade keeps quiet. Now you add college students doing a field survey on the animals in the area, a few meth heads and Wades sister and her fiance and you have enough food to feed Sasquatch for two life times.
  It looke like most of the budget was spent on the Sasquatch costume, about $200.00. That should tell you all you need to know. Sasquatches arms looked like to furry stove pipes. Every time Sasquatch would go on the attack, the camera would go crazy, flashing and zooming in and out. I was afraid to watch the entire movie because I thought I might have a seizure. Blood looked like it was thrown on a clear glass attached to the camera. The special effects in whole looked like it was done by a bunch of 6 graders. The ending was also very disappointing. Actually I think if you gave some 6 graders $5000.00 they could do a better job. I wouldn't recommend seeing this movie. If you're looking to increase your Sasqutch library, go ahead and buy it. But I would bury it deep in your stack of movies. The only reason I watch the entire movie was because of the review I was doing on this movie.

My overall rating on this movie is 1 out of 5.

Next weeks review hasn't been decided yet. I have a couple new ones coming and I'll wait to see if I get in time. I'll decide in a few days. I'm hoping to do Bigfoot Island.


May 25, 2012

"Assault of the Sasquatch" Movie Review

                    Assault of the Sasquatch

Year made  -  2009

Rated  -  Unrated

Approx. time  -  85 min.

                                          Story line

Forest creature meets the big city. A poacher captures Sasquatch, but before he can deliver him to his client he is busted by game wardens.
He along with his impounded truck containing Sasquatch are brought into the middle of the city for holding in a sparsely filled police station. Soon afterwards the beast escapes from the truck. After treating his wounded foot and grabbing a bite to eat, he explores his new surrounding. He is soon spotted by two nerdy members of the Sasquatch Society peeping in a window. They spend the rest of the movie trying to relocate Sasquatch. As Sasquatch makes his way back to the police station he throws rocks at one his victim. Something that's often reported, with run ins with Sasquatch. However this attack
escalates to bigger rocks, then to a tire and then  a full size mailbox. Thank god there are no mailboxes in the forest.
Sasquatch then soon spots the poacher and will stop at nothing to get to him. In the end it becomes a bare knuckle, knock down brawl between the two. 
The acting wasn't great and I thought Sasquatch looked a little to much like a gorilla. The movie was shot at various locations in Connecticut. With most the the scenes shot in the city there wasn't much as scenery goes unless you like the dirty streets of the city. The best part of the movie was when the police station secretary / ex exotic dancer goes one on one with Sasquatch. She pulls a butterfly knife out of her garder and with a police shield she kicks his ass (balls). This scene was worth the price of emission. Sasquatch does get his revenge later.

If you like to laugh you might want to get this movie, Overall I give this movie a rating of 2 out of a possible 5. Tha acting wasn't great and some of the scenes didn't make sense, but it'll make you laugh.

Next week I'll be reviewing Primal

May 18, 2012

'Creature from Black Lake' Movie review

                  Creature from Black Lake

Year made  -  1976

Rated  -  PG

Approx.  time  -  90 min.

                                           Story line

 Being fueled by stories of Sasquatch by there teacher, two students from the University of Chicago head to the swamps of Louisiana when they hear reports of a bipedal creature attacking a trapper. After arriving in Oil City they begin to ask about the creature for their research only to find most of the townspeople unwilling to help. Soon afterward they're warned by the town sheriff not to stir up trouble. They continue to press the issue and after a few more run ins with the sheriff, they're told to leave the area and to forget about the monster. 
However they ignore the sheriff and camp out by Black Lake. A decision they soon regret.

My overall thoughts on this movie is that it's not bad. The acting wasn't that great and with it being made in 1976 the special effects is pretty much non-existent. However the way they only showed the sasquatch in the shadows you never really got a good look at it. It gave it a scarier appearence I thought. If you grew up in the 70's these were the type of movies you saw. With all the special effects and costume designs in the movie now a days it kind of nice to see an older film once in a while. As long as the sasquatch costume isn't hideous. I would recommend having this in your sasquatch film selection. So with that said, get yourself a hamburger, fries and a coke and watch the movie.

As you can see I give this movie a 2 out of 5

Next weeks review will be on Assault of the Sasquatch

May 11, 2012

"Sasquatch Mountian" Movie Review

                      Sasquatch Mountain
                                                (Devil on the mountian)

Year made  -  2006

Rated  -   R

Approx. time  -  90 min. 

                             Story Line

A group of bank robbers rob a small town bank in Arizona. In there attempt to elude the police, they are involved in a crash with a young woman. With the police in hot pursuit they grab the woman as hostage and flee into the forest to escape, with the police close behind. The thieves soon realize that the police aren't the only ones after them. Sasquatch however isn't taking sides and attacks both parties. The cops and robbers soon fine themselves joining forces in order to survive.
The actors were good lead by Lance Henriksen, who has been in a few sasquatch films and Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever) The movie was filmed in the scenic Coconino National Forest and in the towns of Flagstaff and Williams Arizona. I found the movie to be realistic and the sasquatch, I thought was very good. A good haircut would have made it better. I wasn't sure how the sasquatch could see thru all the hair in his face. Maybe he lost his rubberband and couldn't put his hair up. I would recommend any sasquatch fan to see this movie and if you collect sasquatch movies, don't hesitate to get this one if you don't already have it.

I give this movie a 3 out of 5

May 4, 2012

"Abominable" Movie Review


Year made  -  2005

Rated -  R

Approx. time  -  94 min.

                              Story Line

Preston, a paraplegic returns to his cabin in a small mountianside community for the first time since his mountian climbing accident, which claimed the life of his wife and left him paralized.  Shortly after arriving he finds that he has some new neighbors. Five women and one large forest dweller.  As he helplessly watches, the women are terrorized by sasquatch. In a desperate attempt to escape sasquatch, he tries to lure him thru the front door of his cabin as he and one of the neighbors flee out the back way.

Acting  -  The acting in this movie was good. A lot of veteran
                       actors appeared in this film.

Scenery  -  The movie was filmed in Idyllwild, Ca.  Most of it
                          filmed between the two houses of Preston and his
                          neighbors so you didn't get to see much of the
                          beauty of this area except for a few scenes when
                          they showed the mountians.

Believable  -  Maybe. It's a stretch that a sasquatch 
                               would go on a vicious, terrorizing 
                               attack, unless it was provoked or
                               protecting its territory and family.

Sasquatch  -    The body wasn't to bad, but the face 
                                was terrible I thought. His eyes were 
                                bugged out and his teeth were to long
                                A trip to the dentist definitely needed.
                                A added note on the sasquatch.    
Recommendation   -    Yes. The movie overall was 
                                                  good and would be a nice 
                                                  addition to anyones collection.    

My overall rating for Abominable is a 3 out of 5.

April 27, 2012

"SASQUATCH" Movie review


Year made  -   2002

Rated   -   R

Approx. time   -  86 min.

                                   Story Line

A plane carrying  a group of people on their way to a business meeting to demonstrate  their prototype of an DNA analyzing machine crash in the Cascade moutian range. A search and rescue is sent out, but they are nowhwere to be found. Two months after the crash the company CEO Harlan Knowles set out with a rescue party hoping to find survivors and the DNA prototype. One of the passengers in the plane was Harlans daughter. As they hike into the remote forest to where they believe the plane crashed,they have an encounter with sasquatch.
Believing a bear was responsible they continue their search. They soon find the crashsite, however the plane is nowhere to be found. As they search the area they discovered that what was left of the plane had been dragged away from the area. They follow the signs and after a few miles they locate the fuselage. They find the DNA prototype and discover that the people on board the plane had survived the crash. The problem is they're nowhere to be found. As they spend the night in the fuselage one of the rescuers is attacked and taken away by sasquatch. While looking for the missing rescuer they find him along with the survivors of the crash who are now all dead including Harlans daughter. After they bury all the victims, The remaining rescuers then race to get out of the forest before they become the latest victim of sasquatch. Who gets out alive? You'll have to watch the movie to find out. 

ACTING   -  A veteran group of actors lead by Lance Henriksen
                             did a excellent job.

SCENERY  -  Was very nice with all the filming done in the  
                                 Vancouver, Canada area. The majority was filmed
                                 deep in the forest and gave you a real good look
                                 at what the forests of the Pacific northwest look

BELIEVABLE  -  Yes, absolutely

SASQUATCH  -   They did a nice job on not letting you get a
                                          good look at sasquatch until the end. This
                                          gave the movie a little more suspense.
                                          When they did finally show sasquatch clearly
                                           I was a little disappointed. He looked like
                                           a developed a case of mange. Which is
                                           possible. I'll let you decided on your own.

RECOMMENDED  -  100 percent yes. The acting, the story,
                                                   the scenery were wonderful.

My overall rating is 3 1/2 foots. I would have given it 4 except I wasn't thrilled with the sasquatch. Everything else was great. So if you don't have this or haven't seen the movie, go out and get a copy right away.  You won't regret it.

April 26, 2012

Movie Review #4 Title

I have the title of my next movie review    "SASQUATCH"    starring Lance Henriksen and a cast of veteran actors. I will post my review Friday night. I look forward to your thoughts and comments as always.

April 20, 2012

Suburban Sasquatch Review

                      Suburban Sasquatch

Year Made  -  2004

Rated  -  Mature Audiences

Approx. Time  -  97 min.

                         Story Line

In a newly developed wooded suburban setting in Pennsylvania people are being killed . A reporter (Rick) is being stymed by the sheriff who has a past history with the killer. Meanwhile a young indian girl (Talla) is sent to hunt down the killer in order to bring harmony back to nature. As Talla and Rick hunt the killer, bodies and body parts are piling up. They soon join forces and hunt for sasquatch together.
The sheriff not wanting any help from anyone finally gives in to his deputy request to get help. The deputy gets some help from 5 friends to help hunt down the sasquatch. With guns blazing they shoot down and kill the sasquatch, or so they think. As they're celebrating their kill sasquatch gets back up and slaugthers the hunters. Soon afterwards sasquatch captures Talla and it's up to Rick to save her.  With the help of a crow Rick finds and rescues Talla. However Rick is injured during the rescue and Talla has to nurse him back to health. After he regains his health they face sasquatch for one final battle. After their victory in wich Talla is seriously injured, Rick returns her to her campsite and returns the favor in nursing her back to health.

Acting  -  The acting was terrible except for the part of Talla. She
                       wasn't bad but the rest was really bad.

Scenery  -  Most the the scenes played out in a suburban setting
                         and wasn't to bad considering that. There were some
                         woodland scenes, but nothing to get excited about.

Believable  -  Not really. With all the killings the sheriff keeps it
                              hushed up. Never would that ever happen.

Sasquatch  -  2 words.        Gorilla suit

Recomended  -  NO.  If you want to increase your collection,
                                   get it. You don't need to watch it to own it.

This has been by far the worst sasquatch movie I've seen. This was a low budget movie and it showed. The actors were probably family members and friends. The story wasn't good. Some scenes had body parts disappearing and then reappearing. The plastic body parts being ripped off the victims was comical. The sound effects during the attack scenes were unbearable. However I do see some upside on this film. This would be for adults and adults only. NO CHILDREN. You can turn this movie into a drinking game, Everytime a limb is ripped of a victim or sasquatch is shot with an arrow by Talla you take a drink of your favorite beverage. You'll get toasted quickly so start slowly. 

My overall rating is 1 foot and only because of the drinking game aspect.

April 19, 2012

Movie Review #3

Here's the title of my next review    Suburban Sasquatch    I will post my review like always, on Friday night. If you haven't seen the first 2 reviews take a look. I'm always looking for your thoughts on any of my reviews, especially if you had seen them. So leave a comment. If you have any movies you think I should review let me know.

April 13, 2012


                                  THE LEGEND OF SASQUATCH

Year Made  -  2005

Rated  -  R

Approx. time  -  84 min.

                          STORY LINE

Four poachers hunting bears on Echo moutian are attacked by an unknown animal (sasquatch). The lone survivor Ed is rescued by Ranger John Eagle Heart and brought back into town. Pine Creek  a small tourist town. The sheriff believing that a grizzly bear is responsible sends for help which will take a few days to arrive. while waiting for help, Ranger Eagle Heart knowing a bear wasn't responsible for the killing goes back up into the mountian in search of the killer.
Ed the lone survivor believing Ranger Eagle Heart is responsible for the deaths of his friends heads back into the mountian with 3 more friends to avenge the deaths of his dead friends.
Meanwhile At the town high school two students Richard and Jay are forced to do a biology project together on endangered    animals. They choose the grizzly bear for there project and along with two girls and a video camera they head up to Echo mountian in search of the grizzly thought to be responsible for the killing of the poachers.
With everyone up on Echo moutian, sasquatch has an eye on everyone. He first goes after Ed and his friends and then goes after  Richard, Jay and  the girls as they try to leave the mountian. Sasquatch Finds them and scares the crap out of them. They all scatter in different directions. Ed the lone survivor of his group again, finds one of the girls, Jenny and uses her to lure out Eagle Heart. It then turns out to be a show down with Ed, Eagle Heart, Richard, Jenny, and Sasquatch. I won't tell you how it ends, but there was a nice twist a the very end of the movie involving the biology teacher.

Acting  -  The acting was fine for the movie

Scenery  -  It was beatiful. The movie was filmed in
                          Washington in and around the towns of
                          Buckley, North Bend and Roslyn.

Believable  -  Yes. This is a scenario that could easily
                                play out.

Sasquatch  -  Pretty close. The body was very good,  the
                                head/face kind of looked like an old weather
                               beaten indian.  Overall  he looked pretty good

Recommended  -  Yes. This would be a good movie to have
                                          in anyones collection.

I give this movie a rating of 3 1/2 foots

April 12, 2012

Movie Review #2

OK, I just finished watching Clawed 'The legend of Sasquatch'.  I will be posting my review tomorrow night. On my first review on Sasquatch Hunters I got 2 comments It looks like 2 likes and 0 dislikes. Again I would like to hear from you if you seen the movies I've reviewed. Let me know if you liked it or not, or any other comments about the movie is also welcome.

April 6, 2012


                                     SASQUATCH HUNTERS

YEAR MADE  -  2004
APPROX.  TIME  -  88 min.

                           STORY LINE

A paleontologist, an anthropologist along with a student are guided deep into the forest by 5 park rangers in an attempt to find fossils. During their 3 day trek into the forest they are unknowingly being watched by sasquatch. All is quiet until they discover a graveyard and disturb the graves. At that point the sasquatchs go on the attack. One by one the intruders are picked off as they attempt to get out of the forest. After a night in a cabin they make their last dash for safety as the sasquatchs chase them down.

ACTING  -  I thought it was good, not stellar but good

SCENERY  -  What was seen was nice. However most of the scenes
                               after the attacks started were shot at night. It added to
                               the suspense but little was seen of Topanga State Park
                               which is located in the Santa Monica Mts in California
                                                                                                                   BELIEVABLE  -  Yes. I could see this happening.    

SASQUATCH  -    I didn't like. To me it looked like someone in a fur
                                      coat wearing a gorilla mask with fangs.

RECOMMENDED  -  Yes. Overall a good movie. If you don't have it,
                                               get it and add this to your movie collection.

My overall rating would be 3 foots          

April 5, 2012

Movie Review #1

OK, Just wanted you to know my first movie review will be post tomorrow on Fri. the 6th. I'll be reviewing Sasquatch Hunter. This will be the first of many reviews that I plan on posting every Friday. My criterias will be focused on the acting, scenery, believability, and of course the sasquatch(s). I'll use footprints on my overall rating. 1 footprint being the worst to 5 footprints being the best. I do encourage comments on what you thought of the movie if you had seen it. Let me know if you liked or disliked and before the next review I'll post the results. In the future I plan on giving a copy of the movie I reviewed to one lucky person. I'm working on the best way to do this. So keep watching and I'll post it once I figure it out.

April 3, 2012

Sasquatch Kill shot

Just saw something on Bigfoot Evidence. It kind of scares me. Not sure what to make of it. It was posted April 2 under Listen to MN B.R.T. Radio. There's a picture of a logo for the International Society For Primal People. The words   RESPECT  and  PROTECT  flank the logo on either sides. The picture however looks like a sasquatch being lined up in a rifle scope for a kill shot. What do you think?