June 1, 2012

"Primal" movie review


Year made  -  2007

Rated  -  R

Approx. time  -  80 min.


Sasquatch gone wild. Low budget B-movie that has Sasquatch killing anyone he sees. The script was poorly written, the camera work was nauseating, and the special effects was horrific.
   You have people disappearing on the mountain and Wade the ranger knows why. His bosses don't want word getting out so Wade keeps quiet. Now you add college students doing a field survey on the animals in the area, a few meth heads and Wades sister and her fiance and you have enough food to feed Sasquatch for two life times.
  It looke like most of the budget was spent on the Sasquatch costume, about $200.00. That should tell you all you need to know. Sasquatches arms looked like to furry stove pipes. Every time Sasquatch would go on the attack, the camera would go crazy, flashing and zooming in and out. I was afraid to watch the entire movie because I thought I might have a seizure. Blood looked like it was thrown on a clear glass attached to the camera. The special effects in whole looked like it was done by a bunch of 6 graders. The ending was also very disappointing. Actually I think if you gave some 6 graders $5000.00 they could do a better job. I wouldn't recommend seeing this movie. If you're looking to increase your Sasqutch library, go ahead and buy it. But I would bury it deep in your stack of movies. The only reason I watch the entire movie was because of the review I was doing on this movie.

My overall rating on this movie is 1 out of 5.

Next weeks review hasn't been decided yet. I have a couple new ones coming and I'll wait to see if I get in time. I'll decide in a few days. I'm hoping to do Bigfoot Island.


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