April 20, 2012

Suburban Sasquatch Review

                      Suburban Sasquatch

Year Made  -  2004

Rated  -  Mature Audiences

Approx. Time  -  97 min.

                         Story Line

In a newly developed wooded suburban setting in Pennsylvania people are being killed . A reporter (Rick) is being stymed by the sheriff who has a past history with the killer. Meanwhile a young indian girl (Talla) is sent to hunt down the killer in order to bring harmony back to nature. As Talla and Rick hunt the killer, bodies and body parts are piling up. They soon join forces and hunt for sasquatch together.
The sheriff not wanting any help from anyone finally gives in to his deputy request to get help. The deputy gets some help from 5 friends to help hunt down the sasquatch. With guns blazing they shoot down and kill the sasquatch, or so they think. As they're celebrating their kill sasquatch gets back up and slaugthers the hunters. Soon afterwards sasquatch captures Talla and it's up to Rick to save her.  With the help of a crow Rick finds and rescues Talla. However Rick is injured during the rescue and Talla has to nurse him back to health. After he regains his health they face sasquatch for one final battle. After their victory in wich Talla is seriously injured, Rick returns her to her campsite and returns the favor in nursing her back to health.

Acting  -  The acting was terrible except for the part of Talla. She
                       wasn't bad but the rest was really bad.

Scenery  -  Most the the scenes played out in a suburban setting
                         and wasn't to bad considering that. There were some
                         woodland scenes, but nothing to get excited about.

Believable  -  Not really. With all the killings the sheriff keeps it
                              hushed up. Never would that ever happen.

Sasquatch  -  2 words.        Gorilla suit

Recomended  -  NO.  If you want to increase your collection,
                                   get it. You don't need to watch it to own it.

This has been by far the worst sasquatch movie I've seen. This was a low budget movie and it showed. The actors were probably family members and friends. The story wasn't good. Some scenes had body parts disappearing and then reappearing. The plastic body parts being ripped off the victims was comical. The sound effects during the attack scenes were unbearable. However I do see some upside on this film. This would be for adults and adults only. NO CHILDREN. You can turn this movie into a drinking game, Everytime a limb is ripped of a victim or sasquatch is shot with an arrow by Talla you take a drink of your favorite beverage. You'll get toasted quickly so start slowly. 

My overall rating is 1 foot and only because of the drinking game aspect.

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