May 18, 2012

'Creature from Black Lake' Movie review

                  Creature from Black Lake

Year made  -  1976

Rated  -  PG

Approx.  time  -  90 min.

                                           Story line

 Being fueled by stories of Sasquatch by there teacher, two students from the University of Chicago head to the swamps of Louisiana when they hear reports of a bipedal creature attacking a trapper. After arriving in Oil City they begin to ask about the creature for their research only to find most of the townspeople unwilling to help. Soon afterward they're warned by the town sheriff not to stir up trouble. They continue to press the issue and after a few more run ins with the sheriff, they're told to leave the area and to forget about the monster. 
However they ignore the sheriff and camp out by Black Lake. A decision they soon regret.

My overall thoughts on this movie is that it's not bad. The acting wasn't that great and with it being made in 1976 the special effects is pretty much non-existent. However the way they only showed the sasquatch in the shadows you never really got a good look at it. It gave it a scarier appearence I thought. If you grew up in the 70's these were the type of movies you saw. With all the special effects and costume designs in the movie now a days it kind of nice to see an older film once in a while. As long as the sasquatch costume isn't hideous. I would recommend having this in your sasquatch film selection. So with that said, get yourself a hamburger, fries and a coke and watch the movie.

As you can see I give this movie a 2 out of 5

Next weeks review will be on Assault of the Sasquatch

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