June 22, 2012

"Blood Forest" movie review

                               Blood Forest

Year made  -  2009
Rated   -  Mature Audience

Approx. Time  -  92 min. 

                                           Story Line

The residents of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas are being slaughtered by a Bigfoot. After getting word of the killings a newspaper in the U.K. send a reporter to investigate.
Meanwhile an Indian Medicine man who is supposed to be the middleman between the people and the beast is being forced out of his home by a new housing development.
The town sheriff believes the Medicine man is responsible for all the carnage plaguing his town and wants him dead.
Another low budget Bigfoot film that doesn't deliver. The Medicine man who has 10 days to move out of his home does nothing but wanders around the town and nearby woods. There is no clue as to what he's doing besides getting some exercise. The reporter records some interviews with the locals and doesn't look too focused to the job on hand. If you're one that enjoys the look of a great Bigfoot suit (costume) you will be totally disappointed. You do not see him once during the movie except at the very end and you only see his very human looking face off a reflection of a camera lens. In the Bigfoot attack scenes you get to hear a loud heartbeat and what sounds like a out of shape man who just ran 2 miles and  is trying to catch his breath.

I give this movie a 1 out of a possible 5.

If you like watching a Bigfoot film were you never see a Bigfoot, Blobsquatch or even a faint shadow of a Bigfoot and you like heavy breathing, then this is a movie for you. Otherwise avoid this and spend your money on something else.

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