April 6, 2012


                                     SASQUATCH HUNTERS

YEAR MADE  -  2004
APPROX.  TIME  -  88 min.

                           STORY LINE

A paleontologist, an anthropologist along with a student are guided deep into the forest by 5 park rangers in an attempt to find fossils. During their 3 day trek into the forest they are unknowingly being watched by sasquatch. All is quiet until they discover a graveyard and disturb the graves. At that point the sasquatchs go on the attack. One by one the intruders are picked off as they attempt to get out of the forest. After a night in a cabin they make their last dash for safety as the sasquatchs chase them down.

ACTING  -  I thought it was good, not stellar but good

SCENERY  -  What was seen was nice. However most of the scenes
                               after the attacks started were shot at night. It added to
                               the suspense but little was seen of Topanga State Park
                               which is located in the Santa Monica Mts in California
                                                                                                                   BELIEVABLE  -  Yes. I could see this happening.    

SASQUATCH  -    I didn't like. To me it looked like someone in a fur
                                      coat wearing a gorilla mask with fangs.

RECOMMENDED  -  Yes. Overall a good movie. If you don't have it,
                                               get it and add this to your movie collection.

My overall rating would be 3 foots          


  1. I saw this a few years ago on Syfy! I agree, the Squatches looked kinda fake, but the plot was pretty cool! The 3 foot rating is fair for this one.