April 27, 2012

"SASQUATCH" Movie review


Year made  -   2002

Rated   -   R

Approx. time   -  86 min.

                                   Story Line

A plane carrying  a group of people on their way to a business meeting to demonstrate  their prototype of an DNA analyzing machine crash in the Cascade moutian range. A search and rescue is sent out, but they are nowhwere to be found. Two months after the crash the company CEO Harlan Knowles set out with a rescue party hoping to find survivors and the DNA prototype. One of the passengers in the plane was Harlans daughter. As they hike into the remote forest to where they believe the plane crashed,they have an encounter with sasquatch.
Believing a bear was responsible they continue their search. They soon find the crashsite, however the plane is nowhere to be found. As they search the area they discovered that what was left of the plane had been dragged away from the area. They follow the signs and after a few miles they locate the fuselage. They find the DNA prototype and discover that the people on board the plane had survived the crash. The problem is they're nowhere to be found. As they spend the night in the fuselage one of the rescuers is attacked and taken away by sasquatch. While looking for the missing rescuer they find him along with the survivors of the crash who are now all dead including Harlans daughter. After they bury all the victims, The remaining rescuers then race to get out of the forest before they become the latest victim of sasquatch. Who gets out alive? You'll have to watch the movie to find out. 

ACTING   -  A veteran group of actors lead by Lance Henriksen
                             did a excellent job.

SCENERY  -  Was very nice with all the filming done in the  
                                 Vancouver, Canada area. The majority was filmed
                                 deep in the forest and gave you a real good look
                                 at what the forests of the Pacific northwest look

BELIEVABLE  -  Yes, absolutely

SASQUATCH  -   They did a nice job on not letting you get a
                                          good look at sasquatch until the end. This
                                          gave the movie a little more suspense.
                                          When they did finally show sasquatch clearly
                                           I was a little disappointed. He looked like
                                           a developed a case of mange. Which is
                                           possible. I'll let you decided on your own.

RECOMMENDED  -  100 percent yes. The acting, the story,
                                                   the scenery were wonderful.

My overall rating is 3 1/2 foots. I would have given it 4 except I wasn't thrilled with the sasquatch. Everything else was great. So if you don't have this or haven't seen the movie, go out and get a copy right away.  You won't regret it.

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