June 8, 2012

1313 "Bigfoot Island" movie review

                          Bigfoot Island

Year made  -  2011

Rated  -  Unrated directors cut

Approx. time  -   72 min. 

                              Story line

Part of the 1313 production series, this movie had two things going for it. First it was shot in beautiful Vancouver Island, B.C. in Canada
Second was the fact this movie was only 72 minutes long. Thank god.
This has to be the worst Bigfoot film ever made, bar none.
You have a group of boys, young men who get together at a cabin to get their batteries charged before starting their school year. A year earlier at their last get together, they try to take advantage of a girl but was stopped by one of the boys before it went to far. The girl seeking revenge calls for the spirit of the forest to avenge her. The whole movie is watching the boys mostly shirtless one by one walking, running, or kayaking to the cabin with Sasquatch following and then exacting revenge for the girl. A total of more than 54 minutes watching the boys make their way to the cabin and then being chased by Sasquatch before he put the hammer down on them. Another 4-5 minutes of the girl chanting, Oh great Forest Spirit avenge your maiden. That's about 60 minutes of a 72 minute movie. The Sasquatch was never on the Island, all his scenes were shot in Ca. and you can tell. A couple scenes were shot on a clear cut area on a logging road. The tree line was 100 feet or more away from the boys. Yet when Sasquatch caught up to them he would swing his arms like he was pounding them. He looked like he was in the middle of the forest when there wasn't a tree within 100 feet of them.Unless you like young Calvin Klein models you don't want to waste your time or money on this movie. I certainly would not recommend this movie to my worst enemy. I wouldn't even suggest putting it in any ones collection to just boost your collection count.

My overall rating on this movie is 0 out of 5
After watching this movie I threw it into the fire
I video taped it but can't get it uploaded
I'm sure you get the picture.

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  1. Ouch! This movie sounds downright volatile! Thanks for the heads up! I will be sure to watch out for this one!