May 4, 2012

"Abominable" Movie Review


Year made  -  2005

Rated -  R

Approx. time  -  94 min.

                              Story Line

Preston, a paraplegic returns to his cabin in a small mountianside community for the first time since his mountian climbing accident, which claimed the life of his wife and left him paralized.  Shortly after arriving he finds that he has some new neighbors. Five women and one large forest dweller.  As he helplessly watches, the women are terrorized by sasquatch. In a desperate attempt to escape sasquatch, he tries to lure him thru the front door of his cabin as he and one of the neighbors flee out the back way.

Acting  -  The acting in this movie was good. A lot of veteran
                       actors appeared in this film.

Scenery  -  The movie was filmed in Idyllwild, Ca.  Most of it
                          filmed between the two houses of Preston and his
                          neighbors so you didn't get to see much of the
                          beauty of this area except for a few scenes when
                          they showed the mountians.

Believable  -  Maybe. It's a stretch that a sasquatch 
                               would go on a vicious, terrorizing 
                               attack, unless it was provoked or
                               protecting its territory and family.

Sasquatch  -    The body wasn't to bad, but the face 
                                was terrible I thought. His eyes were 
                                bugged out and his teeth were to long
                                A trip to the dentist definitely needed.
                                A added note on the sasquatch.    
Recommendation   -    Yes. The movie overall was 
                                                  good and would be a nice 
                                                  addition to anyones collection.    

My overall rating for Abominable is a 3 out of 5.

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