April 13, 2012


                                  THE LEGEND OF SASQUATCH

Year Made  -  2005

Rated  -  R

Approx. time  -  84 min.

                          STORY LINE

Four poachers hunting bears on Echo moutian are attacked by an unknown animal (sasquatch). The lone survivor Ed is rescued by Ranger John Eagle Heart and brought back into town. Pine Creek  a small tourist town. The sheriff believing that a grizzly bear is responsible sends for help which will take a few days to arrive. while waiting for help, Ranger Eagle Heart knowing a bear wasn't responsible for the killing goes back up into the mountian in search of the killer.
Ed the lone survivor believing Ranger Eagle Heart is responsible for the deaths of his friends heads back into the mountian with 3 more friends to avenge the deaths of his dead friends.
Meanwhile At the town high school two students Richard and Jay are forced to do a biology project together on endangered    animals. They choose the grizzly bear for there project and along with two girls and a video camera they head up to Echo mountian in search of the grizzly thought to be responsible for the killing of the poachers.
With everyone up on Echo moutian, sasquatch has an eye on everyone. He first goes after Ed and his friends and then goes after  Richard, Jay and  the girls as they try to leave the mountian. Sasquatch Finds them and scares the crap out of them. They all scatter in different directions. Ed the lone survivor of his group again, finds one of the girls, Jenny and uses her to lure out Eagle Heart. It then turns out to be a show down with Ed, Eagle Heart, Richard, Jenny, and Sasquatch. I won't tell you how it ends, but there was a nice twist a the very end of the movie involving the biology teacher.

Acting  -  The acting was fine for the movie

Scenery  -  It was beatiful. The movie was filmed in
                          Washington in and around the towns of
                          Buckley, North Bend and Roslyn.

Believable  -  Yes. This is a scenario that could easily
                                play out.

Sasquatch  -  Pretty close. The body was very good,  the
                                head/face kind of looked like an old weather
                               beaten indian.  Overall  he looked pretty good

Recommended  -  Yes. This would be a good movie to have
                                          in anyones collection.

I give this movie a rating of 3 1/2 foots

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  1. @bigfoothuntin says: I haven't seen this one! Gonna have a look-see, and see if I can find it, to share with the crew! Thanks for the review!