July 7, 2013


                      BIGFOOT COUNTY

Year made :                2012

Rated :                         R

Time :                          Approx  82 min.

                               Story line

This movie is a combination of two great movies. The Blair Witch
Project and Deliverance. Two brothers along with a girlfriend of one of the brothers are off to make a  Bigfoot documentary. They meet a man who had made a 911 call about a  Bigfoot on his property. They talk him into taking them into the deep forest in search of Bigfoot. The threesome soon find themselves in trouble when they are abandoned by the man and left by themselves, lost in the woods. While trying to find their way back to civilization they run into locals with bad intentions on there minds.
The difference between Deliverance / Blair Witch and Bigfoot County is that Deliverance and Blair Witch were great movies. Bigfoot County isn't even close to being a good movie. As a regular movie I might give it a 1 out of 5 rating. As a Bigfoot movie I give it zero (0) foots. There's no sense of a Bigfoot even in the area. A Bigfoot does make an appearance in the last few seconds of the film. Not enough to save this flick though. This is one film I won't watch again.

(0) foots out 5


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