May 26, 2013

"BIGFOOT" Movie review


                         Approx: 84 min


  A group of bikers and their girls ride up to the mountains for some fun. When one couple splits from the group for a little alone time they are attacked by a Bigfoot. After regaining consciousness the biker realize his girlfriend was taken by Bigfoot. He calls the sheriff who doesn't believe him and then calls for his friends to come back to help. Overhearing the calls for help, a traveling salesman along with his cousin offer to help. They head back to the mountain to search for the girl and are soon joined by his friends, a non believing sheriff and his deputy and a couple men living on the mountain with a score to settle. The mountain is now crawling with people as they search for the girl and Bigfoot. Soon they catch up with Bigfoot and a final confrontation ensues.

  The movie on a whole was pretty decent for it's time. The Bigfoots looked more Neanderthal which was more believable than some of the Bigfoots in films made 30 years later, which in some cases are horrendous. If you're a collector of Bigfoot films you should have this one in your group and you should enjoy watching. However with that being said, because of what I thought was a disappointing ending I'm giving this a 2 foot rating.


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